24 March 2011

I love the smell of...

We wrote about the smells that we liked after sharing our favourite smell with the class. 
Ms Koltonowska's favourite smell is just after the rain has hit the ground.

P.S Click on the photo to make it larger

23 March 2011

Facts about Ants

 We watched a few documentaries about ants and weaver ants. We also read non-fiction books about ants. After this our teacher asked us what we could remember or already knew about this social creature.
We then did some research on the Internet to find new facts. We had to remember the new information and share it with the class. We are now ant experts so feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

22 March 2011

A report on an object

We wrote reports on objects you can find around the classroom today.

Michael and Liam:
The sewing elephant has soft fur inside. It is used for relaxing. It smells like candy floss and lavender. It lives in the elephant box.

Michelle and Harshil:
A black vivid is what people use for going around the outline when we draw. Sometimes people use them for going around the pencil line. The black vivid lives in a pencil case.

21 March 2011


This term we have been learning about the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly. We made cartoons using Tuxpaint to show the four stages.We made an i-movie to share our learning at assembly. We had three pet caterpillars called Munch, Bunch and Crunch. It was exciting to see the caterpillars change into a chrysalises and emerge as a butterflies. We went to Auckland Museum to be entomologists for a day.