22 March 2011

A report on an object

We wrote reports on objects you can find around the classroom today.

Michael and Liam:
The sewing elephant has soft fur inside. It is used for relaxing. It smells like candy floss and lavender. It lives in the elephant box.

Michelle and Harshil:
A black vivid is what people use for going around the outline when we draw. Sometimes people use them for going around the pencil line. The black vivid lives in a pencil case.


  1. Hi Munchkins, I liked reading your reports. I loved the way you described the smell of the sewing elephant. Can you tell me more about what it looks like?
    Miss Mac

  2. Wow! what an awesome teacher you must have to help you blog.

  3. Hi I am Liam's cousin from South Africa. I am 8 years and I go to Crowford.I think your blog is great.I love the video,s and the picture,s are awesome.Love Liana.