13 April 2011

Autumn poems

Autumn is the time when colourful leaves fall from the tall trees,
Autumn is the time for hot yummy chocolate crepes,
Autumn is when the animals hibernate,
Autumn is the time for a nice hot bath.
By Connor

Autumn is cold,
Autumn is sunny,
Autumn is windy,
Autumn is animals hibernating,
Autumn is rainy,
Autumn is leaves dying, 
Autumn is colourful leaves
Autumn is crunchy,
Autumn is hot showers and baths.
By Harman

Autumn is hot chocolate- very very hot!
Autumn is some animals hibernating,
Autumn is dying crunchy leaves,
Autumn is the wind blowing fast,
Autumn is a special day you can sleep in!
By Michael


  1. This was a really really cool poem
    by Brodie room from Burnham school, room 2.

  2. André's Mum13 April 2011 at 15:02

    Hi Muchkins, what a lovely poem about autumn. Can you tell me, if we look at the trees outside, how do we know it is autumn?

  3. Some leaves are falling off the trees but New Zealand has a lot of evergreen trees so they stay green all year.