28 June 2011

Our Goal for Term 3

Well so far we can cross one place off the list! We had a visit from Andre's uncle in South Africa so now we have a few dots on the map from their. Now we have to focus on Russia, South America, Greenland and Antarctica. Perhaps Happy Feet could look when he returns home from Wellington zoo?

The Taniwha

For the last three weeks of this term we have chosen to learn about dragons. This week we are learning about Taniwha. Watch this space for our fantastic art on Friday and a video of us singing 'One Day a Taniwha' with actions.
A taniwha is a Maori monster and it is a Maori legend. It is big and it has a lot of Maori patterns and scales on its body. It lives in the water or a swamp or on an island or in a cave. Some are good and protect the island and some are bad and eat people. By Andre

A taniwha looks like a snake. It is a maori monster. It has big and sharp teeth. It lives in the sea or in the cave.  By Xuan

A taniwha is a Maori guardian monster. A taniwha lives in a lake. Some taniwha protect people, some taniwha want to eat people. By Liang

24 June 2011

Geek and Nerd Mufti Day

Today we dressed up as geeks and nerds. These are people who like to study a lot, but we learnt that they often become very rich like Bill Gates. They are also good at science and electronics. We need to learn more about clever people like scientists, rather than thinking pop stars and sport people are better. 

21 June 2011

Our goal for Term 3

We have been studying our world map to see where our visitors come from. We have noticed that we have had a lot of visitors from New Zealand, North America, Australia, England and Canada. We have decided that our goal for term 3 is to get a visitor from Greenland, Alaska, Russia, South Africa and Antarctica. We will need to do some research to email people from these countries and share our blog address with them. If we are successful, Ms K will bring in a treat for us before she goes on her holiday to England in October. If you have any suggestions or know anyone in these areas, please comment so we can follow it up.

Shaun the sheep's adventures by LZ4

Shaun was bored. Even the dog was bored. Suddenly the blue tractor came down the road. A yellow duck walked slowly in the road. The farmer went sideways and dropped some cabbages. Then one went to the duck and hit it. After the cabbage rolled quickly to the sheep. The sheep kicked it and played soccer. All of them wanted to play soccer. The dog got frightened.
By Harold

Shaun was going to school, but there was a big fire. He did not know what to do! He thought and thought then he had an idea. He said "we will put the fire out with water." The fire went out.  By Kawiti

One day, the farmer was in his black musty and dusty bed. He got his special glasses and went out of the door. Next he was going out on his tractor, but it didn't work. The dog came to help. The dog accidently sprayed petrol on the farmer's face. The farmer walked around the farm and Shaun the sheep stole his glasses to be a rockstar. Then the farmer drove the tractor and he stopped because there was a scarecrow in front of the road. He wrestled with the scarecrow. He drove back to the farm and crash!!!!! Meanwhile, it was night and the farmer was going to shear the sheep. But Shaun made some new glasses and put them on the farmer. He stopped what he was doing and went to sleep because it was night.  By Michael

20 June 2011

Shaun the sheep

This is our new favourite cartoon!

Shrek the Sheep

Shrek was a very old sheep. He was famous. He was found in 2004 and had a lot of wool. It was sad for New Zealand to see Shrek die last week. He is being kept in a freezer because they do not know where to bury him. By Romana

Shrek was a very famous sheep. Sadly he died because he was over a hundred years old in sheep years. John Perriman found him in a cave.  By Harold

Shrek was a very old sheep. He escaped from his station and he was found on a mountain in a cave. Sadly, he died because he was old. He was famous in New Zealand.   By Thaleisha

19 June 2011

Where's Bernard Been?

Thank you to Mrs H, (Room B What's the Buzz?) for sharing this scrapblog of what Bernard has been up to! I have posted it on our blog too.

Where's Wiki Been?

17 June 2011


Elephant finger puppets

Today our teacher had classroom release time, so we went to Mrs P to get creative. We had to design a finger puppet and choose the colours which we wanted to use. We cut out the ears and trunk and glued them onto a piece of felt. We then had to add the eyes. We wrote stories about our puppets and then acted them out.

(Click on the photos to make them larger)

Excellence Award

Congratulations to Harshil for achieving the excellence award for making a conscious effort to behave responsibly.

16 June 2011

Snow the eating machine

Snow's visit to LZ4

Today when I went to school I saw a guinea pig from Miss Baker's class and I was impressed. I wanted to touch it and Ms Koltonowska let me touch it. She also let the other girls touch it. Then for a while, Ms Koltonowska said it was time to sit on the mat to hold it and to give it a little scratch. When it was my turn, I held it in a towel and I started to feel a bit braver so Ms Koltonowska took off the towel.   By Tanisha

Today, we got to hold a guinea pig. First Miss Baker brought the guinea pig. When she was finished with it, we got to have a stroke. The guinea pig's name was Snow. He was an albino. That means he had no colour. He was just white with red eyes. I felt excited. We had to hold him inside a towel. I was excited to see a guinea pig inside our class.    By Romana

Today Miss Baker brought Snow to school so we could look at him. He felt like a teddybear. He looked like snow on a hill. His eyes were red like apples and his fur looked like snow.   By Kawiti

15 June 2011

Snow the albino guinea pig

Today, Snow the guinea pig came to visit our classroom. He was very cute. Ms K scratched his back and he squeaked, so we think he liked it. He ate a piece of J.J.'s apple as a treat. He felt quite soft, but his hair was rough and thick. He has four toes on his feet and sharp nails.

13 June 2011

Elmer the elephant

Elmer the Elephant trudged into the jungle. He went into a magic tree house and wished he had lots of colours. His wish came true. He saw a fire engine and the firemen said 'you can come with us to use your trunk and squeeze water out of your trunk.' Elmer saved the day.   By Michael

Elmer the Elephant has lots of colours. When Elmer was born he was grey. His Mum bought some jelly beans and he thought that they were peanuts. Next he ate them. He got the colours on his tummy. He went back home and his Dad said 'where did you get those colours?' So Elmer shared some colours with his family and friends.  By Harman

Elmer the Elephant trudged into the deep jungle. He found a very full jar of jelly beans. He ate every single one of them. When he got back, his friends were amazed with his colours so they went to the empty jelly bean jar and they all made a wish. They wished that they were colourful and the rainbow gave them some colours. They all lived happily ever after.  By Connor

Elmer the Elephant was a rainbow coloured elephant and he had a lot of colours on his body. He trudged into the jungle. Soon he found all of his friends and asked if they would play with him. But his friends said "no." They said he looked ridiculous but they knew that he had got his rainbow colours from some jelly beans because he had eaten them. The elephants laughed at him and he did not like it. He didn't want his rainbow colours anymore.  By Tanisha

10 June 2011

Using our imaginations...

Today it rained. It rained all day. We were cooped up inside ALL day! Our teacher took out the dressing-up clothes for the first time this year and we went wild. It was so much fun dressing up, playing princesses and cops and robbers. We had time to use our imaginations to role play different scenarios. We laughed so hard we thought our sides would split.


Well done to Keisha who achieved a certificate from Zumba ACE! Our school has an Abilities, Curiosities and Essentials time twice a week where we do lots of different exciting learning such as Hindi, cooking, Zumba, Trains, Art, Sports, Poetry, Maths, Bollywood dancing and Shakespeare  to name a few.

7 June 2011

Where's Wiki in Week 5?

Wiki has been having a few adventures over the past fortnight. Apart from climbing onto a Mack truck, he has been to Mc Donald's with Ben and his sister who sucked his beak, played pool with Moriah, checked out Harshil's Dad's trophies, spent time outside with Tanisha and tonight he is with Connor. We are wondering what is happening with Bernard because our buddies, Room B What's the Buzz? haven't written about him on their blog for a while...

Our explanations of Matariki

Matariki is when the seven star sisters come out in June. It is very important for the Maoris. When summertime has past, the Sun is tired so the stars help the Sun. You can see Matariki in the early morning. When the stars shine brightly that means it is going to be a warm winter. If the stars are dull it is going to be not a good winter.   By Michael

Matariki is when the Maori people celebrate New Year. Early in the morning in June, you can see the seven sisters in the blue sky. If you see the seven sisters and they shine that means it is going to be a good warm winter.   By Mellisa

Matariki is a festival in June when the Maori celebrate. Matariki can be seen early in the morning. In the festival, the Maoris do weaving, singing and carving. You can see the seven stars. Te Ra, the Sun, is tired after summer so the seven stars help. They say that if you see the stars that means it's going to be a nice winter and if you can't see them it's going to be wet and cold.  By Connor

4 June 2011

Matariki 9-26th June 2011

We will be learning about Matariki over the next few weeks. The rising of the Matariki constellation in our eastern skies heralds a special moment in the Māori calendar.  It is a time for reflection and preparation for the year ahead. 

Icecream Sundaes

Today we tried using an ice cream scoop with a lever to make ice cream sundaes. It was hard to scrape a ball which would pop out of the scoop easily. We had a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a scoop of cookie and cream ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, a pink wafer and a chocolate wafer to make a sundae with. We wrote sense poems using similies about the ice cream. What a treat!

2 June 2011

A big Mack came to school today...

Today we had a real treat visit us! Caleb's Dad has a friend who bought a Mack Truck and restored it. It came to school today and we were allowed to touch it, climb into the driver's seat, honk the very loud horn and check out all the simple machines which can be found in a Mack. Wiki thought is was awesome!

1 June 2011

As wise as an....

Today we learnt about similies. This is when you compare one thing to another using like or as. For example: her eyes shone like diamonds. We had a go at writing our own similies before we learnt of the real sayings.

The answers were: 
As fierce as a fever
As light as a feather
As hard as nails
As clever as an owl
As green as grass