6 August 2011

Cass the Colour Robber

This week our big book was Cass the Colour Robber. It is about a thief who uses his colour stick to zap all the colour from the world. Then he goes for a walk and notices that everything is grey. This makes him feel sad, so he decides to give back all the colours to the world. However, whilst in his sack all the colours got mixed up and come out as rainbows making everything rainbow coloured. We wrote colour poems inspired by the book.

Next we created some Art. On Tuesday we learnt how to draw Cass. Ms K showed us step-by-step how to draw him. Then she went over our pictures with a black felt-tip. On Thursday we drew our mountains and used charcoal to make shadows. We also drew the grass. On Friday Ms K drew a rainbow for each of us to colour in. We learnt about the correct order of the rainbow colours. We can remember it by saying "Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain" or remembering the name ROY G. BIV.
Some of the adults in our school didn't believe that we had done our art! We think that Art can be edited, like a book is proofread and edited before it is published. We now feel confident at Art and believe in our talents. We love our pictures. Come see them in the Earth Studio in Week 2.
(P.S. Click on the photos to make them larger)

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  1. WOW! What fantastic artwork you have all created!
    I am a teacher in the South Island, and I think you have the most amazing blog. We love the Colour Robber story, so I did this art activity with my class and we all had so much fun!
    Keep up all the great learning - I will have to check your blog out again for more fantastic ideas. Thank-you!