14 March 2012

We tried a green melon

Today Ms Koltonowska brought a green melon. it was in a round shape. When it was cut open it looked green. Then we passed the seeds around. After that we ate the green melon. By Advay

Today LZ4 tried a melon. It tasted sweet and it looked like a ball. It felt hard and squishy. it smelt like an apple. It had brown lines on the outside. It felt smooth on the inside. By Katie
Today my teacher brought a melon to school. In the morning we tasted the melon. On the outside it was hard and rough. On the inside it had yellow seeds in it. We took two pieces of the melon. It was very squishy. I liked the melon. By Maisarah

We ate a melon. It was good. I had two pieces and the others did too. It was brilliant! By Kanav

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