26 April 2012

A Huntsman spider came to visit

Today Mrs Gage next door saw a spider and asked our teacher to help her because she was scared of it. Now Ms K is also scared of spider, but feeling brave went to have a look. It was big. Very big. It was as big as an ID card which  is at least 8cm long!

Welcome to Koda

We have another new student joining us this week. Koda has been living in Perth, Australia and is now part of the Munchkin crew.

25 April 2012

Term 2 Holiday recounts

I was at my home. I was watching the computer. Then my big sister came. She was downloading a game for us called Mugen. When it was loading, she was watching Facebook. By Anshveer

In the holidays me and my family friends went to Whitianga beach. There was a shipwreck so the kids weren't allowed to swim there. Me and my family dug a hole in the sand so the water could go in the hole. By Diya

In the holidays, I went to the pools. I stayed for a long time until it was night time. Then I went back home to watch the pirate movie. By Juanye

In the exciting holidays, I went to the big shop called Number One Shoes because on Monday school was going to start. So me and my Mum and Dad, found some shoes that were super big and super small. Then they found good ones which were size 11. Then on Sunday, I went to the humongous store and I bought some hair bands and one mirror. By Victoriana

4 April 2012

Ms K as a 9 year old.

This is a video of our teacher when she was nine years old. She had a lisp and so had elocution lessons to iron it out. Now she speaks properly! This poem is by Ogden Nash.

3 April 2012

Reflections and symmetry

Our big book this week is called Reflections. We have been learning about reflections and mirror symmetry. It is very hard to draw the mirror image of shapes. It was fun finding reflection around the school. Did you know the writing on an ambulance has mirror imagery so when driver's look in their mirror they can read the words?

Yr 5's Save the Whio Initiative

The Yr 5s came up with a plan to raise money for the Blue Duck or Whio which is endangered. If you look at a blue $10 note you will see the Blue Duck. If it is important enough to be on our currency, it must be worth raising money to save! Today there was a blue cupcake sale in the hall and there is a chocolate egg raffle. We wonder how much money they will raise?

1 April 2012

The Polkadots came to visit us

On Friday, the Polkadots came to school to promote being travelwise. We learnt to 'beat our feet', do crazy walks and that walking to school is healthy and good for us. We all received a CD of the music to keep. Thank you to Ms Baker for making a video of the performance.